5 Signs of an Alternator Problem

5 Signs of an Alternator ProblemIf your alternator isn't working as it should, then you probably aren't going to be traveling far. Your alternator generates the power necessary to get your engine up and roaring and keep all of your vehicle's accessories functioning properly. Here's a look at five signs that your vehicle has an alternator problem.

Dead Battery

While it's certainly possible for batteries to go kapoot all on their own, if yours is newish and has died, then there's reason to be suspicious of the alternator...so long as you're sure you didn't forget to turn off the headlights.

Dashboard Indicator

Many cars and trucks have indicator lights on the dashboard that will illuminate if there is a problem with your alternator or charging system. In such a scenario, you might see the letters ALT or GEN come on. This is commonly the first sign of an alternator problem, and means that the matter should be further investigated.

Stalling Out

Your alternator keeps your pistons pumping. If it fails, you could very well end up stalled out and stranded.

Dimming or Flickering Headlights

While driving down dark roads during the nighttime, it's your alternator that is giving power to your headlights. If you notice that your headlights are dimming or flickering, then you've got reason to be concerned about your alternator.

Failing Electrical Accessories

Problems with your radio, power windows, or other electrical accessories are also indicative of an alternator issue.

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