4 Common No Start Issues Requiring Auto Repair

4 Common No Start Issues Requiring Auto RepairToday's vehicles are very complex machines that utilize many different systems that work together in order to get you where you want to go. In order to get a vehicle started there's a complex series of events that must occur. If any one particular part is unable to complete its job your car will not start and you won't be going anywhere. The following are four of the most common problems related to no start situations.

Dead battery

Perhaps the most common reason a vehicle will not start is if the battery has died. Car batteries can die for a variety of reasons, including leaving accessories on, leaving doors open or just because the battery has reached the end of its life. If the battery dies it can usually be jump-started by connecting the battery to a separate vehicle with special cables, once the car starts the battery will be recharged, as long as the rest of the charging system is working properly.

Failed starter

Another common reason that the vehicle will not be able to start is if the starter motor has failed. The starter motor is fed an electrical charge which causes its pinion gear to actuate and connect with the flywheel. It then spin it at a high rate of speed in order to get the pistons pumping. Common signs of starter failure include a loud clicking noise that occurs when you turn the key or a whirring or swooshing noise that happens when trying to start the car.

Bad alternator

The alternator is responsible for operating many electrical accessories with in the vehicle. It is also tasked with creating electricity which is then stored in the battery. If it is not able to complete its job the battery will quickly be drained of its power and your car will not be able to start the next time you try to do so. Common signs of alternator failure include other electrical components such as the radio or power accessories not working.

Faulty fuel pump

If your vehicle's motor continuously cranks over and over and over but will not fire up then there's a good chance that the problem is with the fuel system. One of the most common issues related to the fuel delivery system is a failed fuel pump. The pump is often located inside the gas tank in modern vehicles.

Anytime you experience hard starting it is important to have your vehicle looked at by a professional mechanic. The sooner that you are able to visit one the less likely you will end up with a vehicle that won't start at all. If your vehicle is having starting trouble in Boise, Garden City or the surrounding Idaho communities be sure to visit Mr. Mobile Lube. Our team of qualified auto repair techs will ensure that your car is properly serviced the first time. To schedule superior auto repair near Boise give us a call at (208) 228-0054 today.

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