Does My Car Need Engine Repair?

Does My Car Need Engine Repair?When it comes to your car, you can think of the engine as its heart. The motor is what creates that power that moves you, pumping its pistons, similar to a heart beat. It is important that you provide the motor with routine maintenance to ensure that it is able to perform as designed. If you ever notice any of these common symptoms of engine trouble it is important to visit the repair shop for diagnostics and service as soon as possible, or else you could be looking at big problems.

Knocking Noise

A knocking noise that emits from underneath the hood is often related to trouble with the engine bearings. These bearings are what support the movement of the internal engine parts, and should the fail, which they'll do due to general wear and tear and insufficient lubrication, the motor could seize.

Increased Exhaust

An increase in exhaust smoke is a common sign of engine trouble. Judging by the color of the smoke you can often tell what sort of trouble is occurring. Black smoke means too much gasoline is being burnt, blue smoke is a sign of burning oil and white smoke indicates that coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber.

Check Engine Light

If the check engine light comes on it is imperative to visit the auto repair shop for diagnostics immediately. Many check engine light issues start quite small, but will quickly grow worse if they are not addressed. An issue that would have cost just $100 to fix could become a $1,000 repair in a matter of a week or so.

Decreased Performance

Have you notice a drop in fuel economy? Does your car have trouble idling or getting up to speed? These types of trouble are sure signs of a problem that warrant a trip to the mechanic. Often times a simple tune up will alleviate such pains.


If you ever notice something leaking from your car be sure to have it checked out right away. Leaks pertaining to the engine, such as an oil leak or coolant leak, can be disastrous. Low oil levels will result in poor lubrication that can cause major engine wear. Poor coolant flow can result in overheating.

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